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Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine India

Analysis of five major operational points of Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine

How to choose a Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine model

The Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine has a very high application space in various industries including the single-machine high-efficiency operation capability. When purchasing the mill model, the company should compare the technical parameters of the equipment and purchase the economic indicators and technical indicators. Powder equipment. First of all, we suggest that you choose a prolific mill equipment manufacturer, the customer's after-sales service is guaranteed, and is also conducive to the later production line guidance. At the same time, in order to ensure the adjustability of the fineness of the finished material, a speed reducer is added to the Shibang vertical milling system to realize the automatic adjustment of the milling process. Secondly, the grinding production line should be adapted to local conditions. The actual size of the equipment is determined according to the actual conditions such as transportation conditions and material characteristics. The motor power of the mill is determined according to the investment cost, and the energy consumption per unit time is controlled. Again, the choice of grinding machine parts is also the most important, hydraulic components, cylinders, main reducer, grinding roller bearings should be selected according to the specific requirements according to the standard.

How to extend the life of Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine

If the same grinding machine is done well in the later stage, the service life of the equipment can be greatly improved, and its relatively large application effect and economic value can be exerted. In the actual production process, the mill equipment must have professional technicians to operate and record the operation of the equipment in real time. The operator should have a detailed understanding of the equipment structure and performance characteristics of the LUM Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine, and at the same time, the safety operation system of the mill can be formulated, and the standardized operation can be implemented as a system. The specifications of Shibang Milling Products will recommend a regular maintenance plan for the user to timely deal with the production characteristics of the main wearing parts, such as the wear of the grinding roller and the looseness of the nut. The replacement cycle of the grinding roller is generally after the equipment is operated for more than 400 hours, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve to ensure the stability of the internal structure of the equipment.

How to operate the Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine correctly

1. Stabilize the bed. The key to the normal operation of the Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine is to stabilize the bed. The thickness of the material layer can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the retaining ring. The appropriate thickness and their correspondence with the mill output will directly affect the finished product size. Impact. Too thick a layer will affect the grinding efficiency of the material as well as the particle size of the finished product. Too thin a layer will cause excessive grinding and machine vibration. The thickness of the material layer can be adjusted according to the internal wind speed, the wind speed in the grinding is increased, the internal circulation is increased, the material layer is thickened, the wind speed is reduced, the internal circulation is reduced, and the material layer is thinned.

2. Control the grinding pressure. Controlling the grinding pressure has a direct impact on the mill output, grinding efficiency and mill power. The working principle of Shibang Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine is realized by the layer grinding process. The grinding pressure depends on the material properties and particle size. And the amount of feed. The ideal way to adjust the fineness of the material is to find a suitable grinding pressure and a reasonable wind speed during the trial production to form a good internal circulation to ensure stable and efficient milling efficiency.

3. Guarantee a certain grinding temperature. Shibang Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine is a grinding system that integrates crushing, milling, grading and drying. The wind temperature is a comprehensive index to measure whether the drying operation is normal. At present, the particle size and drying effect of the material on the market is very high. In order to ensure that the discharge moisture of the finished material is less than 0.5%, the outlet temperature of the mill is generally controlled to be about 90~C. Excessive wind temperature will affect the dust collection effect. If the wind temperature is too low, the efficiency of the powder selection will be affected. It is necessary to make a reasonable adjustment of the wind temperature and wind speed.

4. Control a reasonable wind speed. The Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine should produce a circulating airflow through a reasonable wind speed to affect the particle size classification. A reasonable wind speed can form a good internal circulation, so that the material layer on the disc is proper and stable, and the grinding efficiency is high. The wind speed and air volume are directly related to the feed amount, and the air volume is proportional to the feed amount. For the purpose of quantitative feeding, the air volume of the equipment can be adjusted by the fan valve. It is recommended that enterprises learn more about the various technical parameters of various vertical grinding equipments, and the stable wind speed ensures the stability of the production of the bed.

Graphite Minerals Pulverizer Machine working principle

The material falls through the screw feeder in the center of the grinding disc, and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the grinding disc is driven by the main motor to drive the animal material to uniformly move around the grinding disc. When the material passes through the roller table area on the grinding disc, it is crushed by the grinding roller, and the large material is directly crushed, and the smaller particles are pressed to form a material bed for pulverization between the particles. After being crushed, the material continues to move toward the edge of the grinding disc, and the airflow entering from the air inlet is brought into the classifier for classification. Under the action of the blade of the classifier, the powder that does not meet the particle size requirements falls into the grinding disc and is reground, reaching the standard The powder is collected by the classifier along with the airflow into the pulse dust collector, and the powder discharged is the finished powder. Impurities such as iron blocks mixed in the material are difficult to grind and have a large gravity. When passing through the edge of the disc, they cannot be carried away by the airflow and fall into the lower chamber of the mill. The scraper is sent to the slag outlet and discharged to the outside of the main machine.


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